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air-conditioningControl the temperature of your space with a range of air conditioning units from Air & Appliance On-Site-Repair, including a wide range of air conditioner systems and heat recovery ventilation systems that filter the air and create a healthier indoor environment for everyone in Cibolo, TX . Our company is a leader, innovator and provider of advanced air conditioning solutions for residential, industrial and commercial use.

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The air conditioning installation in every room is different and therefore, Air & Appliance On-Site-Repair provides a different approach and indeed equipment is needed. Our professional technicians understand the needs of our customers and the type of the property they own. They can create an air conditioning services specifically to suit their individual needs. That is why we have such a high customer retention in Cibolo, TX.

During the air conditioning repair the safety and health is a priority for our expert technicians and our customers. Before any installation is carried out a full risk assessments and planning report is issued along with suggestions of works, this will outline the plan of the commercial air conditioning services too.

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I was very pleased with the competent, timely and professional service provided by Air & Appliance On-Site-Repair. Your tech is very knowledgeable and explains what has to be done and why. He also gives you a heads up to future problems that might occur. I have used this service twice and will continue to use them in the future

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Our unique, yet simple way of work is why so many customers are choosing Air & Appliance On-Site-Repair as their home and commercial air conditioning installer.

air-conditioning-contractorAt Air & Appliance On-Site-Repair we recognise the critical importance of maintaining air conditioning systems to a perfect working condition at all times.

Air & Appliance On-Site-Repair has a complete lineup of residential and commercial-use systems available for a most proper solution for any kind of air conditioning requirements. Our products are known for their energy-efficient operation and reliable performance.

Our planned maintenance is necessary to ensure trouble free work of any air conditioning system. Our AC repair and care programs can be tailored to suit any individual system whether we installed it or not. Our experience, both in maintenance and installation, has enabled us to produce services specifically designed for different kinds of spaces to ensure minimum troubles during your critical or busy times of the year.

Air & Appliance On-Site-Repair will bring huge benefits, whether you’re in IT, retail, hotels, leisure, education or manufacturing or house owner in Cibolo, TX. Installation by Air & Appliance On-Site-Repair is quick and precise due to our experience, the equipment is energy efficient, easy and quiet to control. The improvement in air quality through the use of filters greatly improves the quality of life for those that suffer from hay fever or Asthma.

A regular air conditioning and heating maintenance provided by Air & Appliance On-Site-Repair, can keep your AC system running at peak performance keeping costly repairs and utility bills down.

If you need to have an air conditioner installed for the first time in your home or office, call us today. Our professional technicians are well known with air conditioners and can help you choose the perfect air conditioner to meet your needs. There are some factors to consider when choosing and our installing AC team cover:

  • Size of space to be cooled
  • Budget
  • Number of occupants and cooling needs

We offer air conditioning services all makes and models of central air conditioning systems. Each of our highly qualified technicians has rich infield experience, in addition to formal training. It is this knowledge that assures you they can diagnose problems with your system with accuracy.

We are a leading HVAC contractor in Cibolo, TX. Our respond to your air conditioning repair needs will be fast and professional. Our goal is to make sure your air conditioner will perform at it best. Our air conditioner repair mechanics are licensed, insured and provide top quality service.

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Air & Appliance On-Site-Repair
Address: 380 Wiedner Rd Cibolo, TX 78108 Cibolo, TX 78108
Phone: (210) 658-9274

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