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Common Air Conditioning Problems

Signs You Need to Avail Air Conditioning Repair Service

Generally, an air conditioning system would last for around 10 years. But even before they’ve reached 10 years, they will experience some problems. If you want to extend the life of your air conditioning unit, you should avail professional air conditioning repair service. Unlike us, they’ve already handled different types of repair needs. Here are some common problems that we have encountered:

Faulty Wirings

Once the air conditioner turns on and off frequently, that means there is a problem with the wiring. It is common when it comes to huge systems like the air conditioning system. It is important that the wirings are checked on a regular basis. Doing so ensures that there will be no corrosion of the wires in the system. Although take note that this problem is indeed a major risk because it is a possible fire hazard. In order to prevent this problem, make sure the wires are properly placed during the installation.

Refrigerant Leaks

If you see the refrigerant leaking, the temperature of the air conditioning will fluctuate. If you suspect leakage, you should contact a professional for air conditioning repair service immediately. A leaky refrigerant could possibly lead to a high energy bill.

Sensor Problems

You must be wondering why the temperature of your air conditioning unit is erratic. This problem could be due to a sensor problem. If the sensor is knocked out of its position, it would not be able to give the right thermostat. Take note that the thermostat sensor is a very sensitive part of the air conditioning system. That is why air conditioning repair service should be done by technicians with years of experience.

Strange Noises

It is normal for an air conditioning unit to produce a humming sound. But if ever the sound gets worse, there must be something wrong with your air conditioning unit. The problem could be a faulty belt or something must have stuck on the blower blades. Hence, you should turn off your unit and contact a professional so it will be attended immediately.

With regular maintenance, these problems will be foreseen and prevented ahead of time. Thus, you should hire an AC contractor that could give you a maintenance service on a regular basis. If you are in Cibolo, TX, then you can rely on the services of Air & Appliance On-Site-Repair. Call us today at (210) 658-9274.