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Don’t Wait Until Summer to Replace Your Air Conditioning

Best Times of Year for AC Installation

Let’s face it: No one likes being stuck in a heatwave without a functional air conditioner. The time of year you choose for air conditioning installation can make all the difference, both in terms of cost and comfort. Read on to understand why.

Why Winter Makes Sense

Winter isn’t just for hot cocoa and snowflakes. It’s also a fantastic time to install a new AC system. Demand is low, which often means better prices and quicker installation times. Plus, you’re well-prepared long before the heat arrives.

Spring’s Breath of Fresh Air

Spring serves as a gentle reminder that warmer days are coming. Installing your AC during spring gives you the benefit of ahead-of-time preparation for summer, all while avoiding the winter chill. You’ll have plenty of time to test and adjust the system.

The Summer Scramble

Summer might seem like the most obvious time to install an air conditioner, but it’s also when HVAC companies are swamped with requests. Prices are higher, and you may have to wait longer for installation. Plus, you’ll be enduring the heat while you wait.

The Overlooked Autumn

When the leaves start to fall, your air conditioner is usually the last thing on anyone’s mind. That’s precisely why autumn can be the perfect time for an installation. Technicians are less busy, and you may find some end-of-season deals to take advantage of.

Economic Incentives Year-Round

Remember that rebates and financing options may be available at various times throughout the year. Some utility companies offer incentives for installing energy-efficient models, regardless of the season.

Ready to Beat the Heat?

If staying cool is on your list of priorities, there’s no better time than now to assess your options for AC installation. Opt for the season that aligns with your needs and make the call today. Your future, sweat-free self will thank you.

When it’s time for air conditioning replacement services, turn to Air & Appliance On-Site-Repair. We offer quality AC services at reasonable costs in Cibolo, TX. If you have questions, just call (210) 658-9274!